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Fic: "Voided Warranty," by Bunnie

*dusts off community*

I finally wrote something that was suited to this comm, so I'm posting it along with recs (included in the header notes) for the sources which inspired it.

Title: Voided Warranty
Author: Bunnie
Fandom: Robotrips
Pairing: Dom/Billy and a toy
Rating: R-ish
Archive: Rhythm and Hues, others please ask.
Disclaimer: So fictional that it's a bit ridiculous, really, and I gain no profit from it.
Notes: Blame oneangrykate, who began with Evil Robot!Lij wa-a-ay back when, and more recently gifted us with the more user-friendlyRobo!Lij. Then airgiodslv presented us with Futures Possible, and more recently, Introduction, and almostnever offered up Imperfections (and I recommend all of these – brilliant stuff)... I mean, resistance was futile!

Voided Warranty

( Billy had warned him, hadn't he, that he shouldn't play with it until Billy got back and had a chance to fix it. )
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