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Really Strange Real Person Fiction's Journal

Below are the 16 most recent journal entries.


  2006.07.08  22.15

Chapter 06 is finally up... of my weird untitled crossover fic. If, er, anyone remembers it to begin with.



  2006.03.17  22.25

Chapter 05 is now posted, for those of you following the Domlijah-In-Space™ crackfic.

crossover: LotR cast in Serenityverse. (I don't know either.)
summary: Dominic mistakes Elijah for human, and things get a bit weird from there.
notes: I have no idea where this... idea... came from, but it's getting updated semi-regularly. feedback is always appreciated.


  2006.03.01  13.20
WIP, 4 chapters up as of now.

author: chaya.
pairing: domlijah.
rating: r-esque?
crossover: LotR cast in Serenityverse. (I don't know either.)
summary: Dominic mistakes Elijah for human, and things get a bit weird from there.
notes: I have no idea where this... idea... came from, but it's getting updated semi-regularly. feedback is always appreciated.

The pale white of the skin is splashed with blue, and Elijah shivers. Just a bit.

Mood: working

  2006.02.02  13.40
Fic: "Voided Warranty," by Bunnie

*dusts off community*

I finally wrote something that was suited to this comm, so I'm posting it along with recs (included in the header notes) for the sources which inspired it.

Title: Voided Warranty
Author: Bunnie
Fandom: Robotrips
Pairing: Dom/Billy and a toy
Rating: R-ish
Archive: Rhythm and Hues, others please ask.
Disclaimer: So fictional that it's a bit ridiculous, really, and I gain no profit from it.
Notes: Blame oneangrykate, who began with Evil Robot!Lij wa-a-ay back when, and more recently gifted us with the more user-friendlyRobo!Lij. Then airgiodslv presented us with Futures Possible, and more recently, Introduction, and almostnever offered up Imperfections (and I recommend all of these – brilliant stuff)... I mean, resistance was futile!

Voided Warranty

( Billy had warned him, hadn't he, that he shouldn't play with it until Billy got back and had a chance to fix it. )


  2004.08.24  19.57

Lotrips Zine now Available!

Lotripping: Lotrips Zine 2004

click on the banner above to go to the website and browse the summaries, author bios and about sections; or go direct to the purchase page here.

join the lotripping community to keep up to date with the official launch (to be held in melbourne, australia) or to post feedback or discussion on the zine.

the best publicity in fandom is word of mouth, so if you'd like to help spread the word, feel free to choose a banner and copy & paste the code below into your own lj or website.

banners and codes beneath the cutCollapse )


  2004.01.27  18.14

Title: Interferanze
Author: queenofthelub
Pairing: Billy/Elijah, Billy/Dom, Dom/Elijah, Viggo/Sean
Rating: PG-13 ish for the moment
Disclaimer: I don't own anything....If I did own Billy, Elijah, Dom, Viggo, Orlando and Seán -well I'd hardly be sitting here would I?
Summary: Do you know who you are?
Author's Notes: Not at all possible without my fabulous beta babylon_whore and her fantabulous red pen.

Part One

Mood: chipper

  2003.11.24  17.29

i forgot about this community! but i wrote a fic that might possibly be appropriate to post here:

R; Dom(/)Elijah; AU (some genderfuckery), lynchtrips
by 'lynchtrips' i mean heavily inspired by the films of david lynch, in his cinematography as well as narrative construction.


  2003.08.10  20.10

TITLE: Fenris
AUTHOR: mcee
SITE: sblomie.com

neil gaiman is so to blame for this.


  2003.08.05  14.35
Fic: Dispossessed

Title: Dispossessed
Author: Bunnie
Archive: Rhythm & Hues, others please ask.
Pairing: Elijah, a smattering of EW/OB, some EW/DM, but mostly just Elijah.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: This never did happen and never will happen. And I will never profit from it.
Notes: Not sure where this came from, and it's not a happy fic. Cross-posted to my LJ, fellow_shippers and twilight_boys

What would be more natural than for Frodo to have bad dreams about Gollum?


  2003.07.01  17.20

TITLE: Want.
AUTHOR: Collie [collie_@msn.com]
SUMMARY: Viggo paints (?)
WARNINGS: Bloodplay, cutting, imagery, etc. If you cut or are recovering, this may be triggering.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, and I'm sure they're thankin' god for that one ;)
ARCHIVE: TME. Anyone else want it? Just let me know.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I sat and stared at this for over an hour deciding whether or not I should post it. I'm still not sure I should, but I'm going to anyway. What the hell.
DEDICATION: whisperwords asked for it. It's all her fault. :D

( The pain is keen and bright... )

Mood: restless

  2003.06.11  23.17

*Hearts buffonia* You are my heeeeero. And now, I shall pimp myself, because... yeah.

I'm sure some of you have read these, but I'm postin' 'em anyway! ;)

A Spectrum, of Sorts (EW/DM. R.)

Fetters (VM/OB. R.)

Breathtaking (VM/OB. R. Drabble)

Enjoy! :D

Mood: restless

  2003.06.05  20.51

i don't believe she's a member of this community, but i'd be posting these as recs anyway:

illustria obscura, silentium & meus ardor (a trio)

both by lux__aeterna. an amazing writer with this brilliant talent for putting little sci-fi type aspects into her fics without them *being* the fic. very. very very nice.

her site is here.


  2003.06.04  14.03

consummation by berreh



  2003.06.03  01.45

Title: Scintilla
Author: katrin
Pairing: MO/LT
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. I don’t know any of the people depicted within it, and am not trying to make a statement about their lives or sexuality.
Warning: Fantasy AU
Summary: Miranda creates sparks.

Liv thought she might be imagining things when she first saw MirandaCollapse )


  2003.06.02  14.18

Wingfic. For trianne, who asked for Elijah in a crypt.

Billy/Elijah, PG

Elijah hadn't moved.

Mood: impure

  2003.05.31  21.53

Title: Four Corners of a Boy
Author: Buffonia@ragingvenus.com
Site: Like People Do
Pairing: Billy/Orlando
Rating: R
Summary: Orlando would never just leave.
Notes: Huge thanks to gabbyhope for the beta. Dedicated to mcee, who said we needed more sci-fi in the fandom.
Disclaimer: Heh. Way too fucked up to be true.

At first, Billy thought that Orlando had left him.